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This offering was born from two passions:


- A belief in the transformational power of authentic,
  unfiltered, real


- A appreciation for golf.


I believe that having the opportunity to talk or soundboard our thinking with someone that holds the capacity to understand  and listen, in a uninterrupted yet relaxing setting where there is no need to 'filter' our thinking or emotions, is a luxury  few  business owners, executives, husbands/fathers - frankly most men for that matter - often have.


Navigating the challenges of  life and leadership is often a very lonely and demanding space to hold and I'm hoping to

; through my integrity, life and work experience, coaching mindset and and golfing abilities; create a safe space for more authentic conversations.

I believe that creativity and excellence  is often trapped by the inability to think and talk trough things ,due to the fear of being judged, competed against or simply our pride! The idea is therefore to create a space where these factors are neutralized, vulnerability is encouraged and possible, and confidentiality  is guaranteed!

I'm married with three children, I hold a B.Com (Hons) degree and a COMENSA / ICF aligned coaching qualification and have more than 17 years of corporate  work and learning experience. I have lived, traveled and worked internationally and I have a strong passion for seeing men discovering and fulfilling their God given purposes.

For more than 10 years now I've  also been part of a small team of men facilitating retreats here in the Western Cape that focus on the masculine heart and living authentically, from a place of real strength and purpose... and to ensure that the experience is a pleasant one, I believe I have a golf game to back up the chat ;)

Come on  - Give it a go!


I look forward to meet you in the middle!

   About Me


A metronome in music, is a tool that helps the musician to get back to, or remain in sync with the desired rhythm of the music...and that's the aim of this offering. Mos...
" The 9 Hole Metronome "
3 hr
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20 Walker Street

Durbanville, Cape Town,7550


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